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Ergonomic, easy to use and efficient

Have you had enough of cargo strap getting twisted and tangled when thrown over the roof, or the load, of the vehicle? Fed up with difficult and dangerous balancing on the tailboard platform, locating and fastening straps in the right position?

The solution is the Cargo Strap Pitcher.

Just place the strap in the holder and adjust the length of the telescopic arm. Then all you need to do is stand on the ground or on the platform and lightly knock the pitcher against the top edge of the roof. In one swift and simple operation, the strap is then released, going easily over the roof and down on the other side. 

The Cargo Strap Pitcher improves working conditions for your personnel who can avoid dangerous balancing as well as many difficult operations when throwing cargo straps over the vehicle. And besides - the Cargo Strap Pitcher saves a lot of time and makes your operations as a carrier much quicker and more efficient. 

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